October 2014

Active Brands Asia 2014/15 Ambassador Recruitment – Announcement of Results

Over the past few months, we have received many applications from triathletes, road runners, trail runners and extensive network of ABA friends. After interviews and thorough assessment, we have selected the below four ambassadors for 2014/15 sponsorship in the HK territory.

These ambassadors fulfill our selection criteria because they all exude positive attitude, charisma, healthy image and have a wide social circle. Besides receiving product sponsorship, these ambassadors will have the opportunity to share athletic experiences and exchange race strategies with our 1st tier ambassadors – Michal Bucek and Henry Warren (Triathletes), Kate Cheung (ultra runner, Coach for the Blind and Deaf Team) and Nora Senn (elite trail runner).

In the upcoming year, our four ambassadors will be engaged in friendly competition with each other through our Ambassador points reward system. The brand Ambassdor who accumulate the most point will be able to travel overseas for free and represent our brands in marathon, trail running and endurance races (sponsorship value HK$5000).

  • Mike Tozer – Representing Brooks Running Shoes, Ronhill Running Apparel
  • 黃嘉輝  - Representing Brooks Running Shoes, CompresSport Compression Gear
  • Joey Ching - Representing Brooks Running Shoes, CompresSport Compression Gear
  • 梁銘基 - Representing CompresSport Compression Gear, Ultraspire

We will contact the above four brand ambassadors on Friday 17 Oct 2014.

Welcome to the ABA Brand Ambassador family and we hope you will all work hard on your athletic achievements as well as support ABA in our endeavor to promote sports, healthy lifestyle, well-being and foster the development of athletic sports in Hong Kong!