27 May 2014

Body Glide : New Packaging and updated Price List 1st Jun 2014

Enjoy sports this summer without chaffing! Let's make use of BODYGLIDE! BODYGLIDE will introduce a brand new packaging in the coming shipment in July. Please have a look at the updated Price List (effective on 1st Jun 2014) as attached and feel free to contact our salespersons for further information.

23 May 2014

CompresSport Splash 'N Dash - Mel Hauschildt's Message

Please check the promotion link of "CompresSport Splash n Dash Hong Kong 2014":



20 May 2014

CompresSport Monthly News 5

It’s time for you to take a break…  Are you ready to travel through the COMPRESSPORT world again? 


Make yourself comfortable and let’s go for a trip. No need to choose the destination, everything is planned! Australia with Melissa, we would like to welcome Sage in the USA... In Estonia COMPRESSPORT has its own marathon!

And this month Republica Dominica joins the COMPRESSPORT family.

Do you want to decrease your muscle fatigue? Do you fear for your joints? Follow the advices of our consultants.

Whatever you do have a great week-end!

2 May 2014

CompresSport : CUTTING-EDGE Technology and Price List 2014 (effective on 1st May 2014)

COMPRESSPORT just launched 2 products : 1. FLUO accessories - ProRacing  3D.DOTS Socks V2, ARMFORCE, SWEATBAND - available in new flashy and fluorescent colours2. ON/OFF Multisport Shirt - cutting edge technology and innovation in a smart shirt Enclosed please check Updated Price List (effective on 1st May 2014) and relative information.

Please feel free to contact us for further information at 28911588.

2 May 2014

Para'Kito : 2014 INNOVATION and Price List 1st May 2014

We are excited to announce that PARA'KITO will launch 2 NEW REVOLUTIONARY products - Protection RollOn & BiteRelief RollOn. Both products are produced in France and are 100% natural. The first shipment will arrive in Hong Kong on June 2014. Enclosed please check the updated Price List (effective on 1st May 2014) and information. Any questions, please feel free to contact us at 28911588.