Dear ABA Friends,

Back To School Doesn't Have To Mean Back To Head Lice For Children!

KIT & COCO is a range of products specially formulated to free and protect your kids EFFICIENTLY from head lice and their eggs so they can go back to school with confidence!

Natural Head Lice Protection, from France!

Head louse, a very common species of human parasite, which has already been living with us for more than thousands of years. As one of our "old friend", we may already found a way to get rid of them, however, sometimes it is not the lice itself cause the traumatic experience but the time used to wash the residual of silicon in the treatment shampoo from hair.

Kit & Coco Treatment Kit is made with coconut oil, and proven 100% effective against Head Lice and Eggs after a 45-mins treatment. After the treatment, simply rinse and use the special comb to comb through the hair, do not need to wash the hair with shampoos like crazy afterwards.

Apart from waiting to be infected, Kit & Coco Protection Spray and Foam let you pro-actively defense against lice for 24 hours, with options of a stylish headband for girls with long hair and a styling mousse for kids that have short hairstyle.

Enclosed is the latest price list for your reference.

Please contact our salesmen at +852 2891 1588 for further details.