Kei MK Leung

"I wear the Compressport Calf and Quad guards for training and competition. Besides stabilizing my muscles, the compression gear is especially helpful during ultra-distance trail running and prevents cramping when my muscles are under tremendous stress from strenuous effort over an extended period.

The UltrAspire Zygos is my favorite race vest and the perfect partner for my trail runs. The cutting and breathable material provides comfort whilst the pockets are very handy for when I need to reach for food and a quick sip of water. I also love the mesh net design as it enables me to stash a lot of gear and can easily fit a wind jacket and headlights."

Organiser of Pow Bow Run club, influencer of runners, finisher of the North Face 100, HK100, Lantau 50, many triathlon races, overseas marathons and UTMF in Japan.

  • UTMF
  • Lantau 50
  • XTE 45km race
  • Totum 57k  race
  • KOTH (King of the Hill 系列 2014-15 合共四場實事 )
  • The North Face 100
  • HK100