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Based in Hong Kong, Active Brands Asia Ltd. is recognized as the industry leader in the distribution of sports gear (including apparel, shoes, accessories, nutritional supplements, beach toys and rugby gear) to mass market retailers, specialty sport stores, gyms and sport clubs.

Active Brands Asia offers a wide range of products representing 18 of the industry's leading brands. With an extensive distribution network in Hong Kong and PRC China, Active Brands Asia is setting the industry standard in quality, product range, customer service and satisfaction.

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Brooks Running @ 無限運動 Infinite Sports
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Where you find our products!

Where you find our products!

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Active Brands Asia LtdAwesome!

5 years ago


5 years ago


4 years ago

Active Brands Asia LtdFatman Chan BROOKS will launch in SportsHouse 8 stores this week

4 years ago

Please inform the address of Brooks running in North Point, thx

2 years ago   ·  1

Location pls

2 years ago   ·  1


5 days ago


5 days ago

Active Brands Asia LtdDear Tony Wong, Thanks for the update about the web-site ! We're fixing the issue and will resume asap. In the mean, please feel free to ask through here if any questions Thanks again !

4 days ago

Active Brands Asia LtdHi Tony Wong, the problem solved. Since we have splitted Brooks into running, apparel and sports bra we added this sentence 'Visit the Product Page of Brooks to view the stores in a map' to the store locator. Please check. Thanks again !

4 days ago

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Hammer Nutrition Hong Kong
How do pro athletes recover so quickly?

Hammer Nutrition Hong Kong #howihammer
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【How do pro athletes recover so quickly? 】 Daniel Chan, the 1st wheelchair para-badminton representative in Hong Kong, ranked number 2 in World, shared with us how Hammer Nutrition supplement helped him recovered during the break in the competition, and reduced post-exercise soreness. 陳浩源Daniel Chan Active Brands Asia Ltd #howihammer

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人氣跑手 ViVi 都有用 #Thinksporthk 既香體露同 #Thinkbabyhk 既防曬, 真識貨 😛

Vivi跑步日記 VRun Diary
thinkbaby thinksport

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Thinksport (USA Brand) 運動孖寶 美國環保組織EWG (Environmental Working Group)是一個非牟利的民間環保組織,致力研究對環境與健康有害的化學物質與消費產品,EWG每年所公布的消費產品報告更成為媒體及美國消費市場的重要指標,EWG有簡單易懂的評分,評分由0至10分,分數越低越好產品或成份的評分如果是一份代表沒有對於健康的疑慮。 市面的香體露的一些成分卻有機會引起皮膚敏感。而Thinksport的香體露的所有成份都均是1分,試想想要拿到0分同1分真係好難,而Thinkbaby 既防曬每一項成份唔係0就係1, 所以絕對放心。 Thinksport既香體露都好值得推荐 (Thinksport 係Thinkbaby既sports line) ,成份一樣都係無毒安全。 #Thinkbabyhk #Thinksporthk #activebrandsasia

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