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Based in Hong Kong, Active Brands Asia Ltd. is recognized as the industry leader in the distribution of sports gear (including apparel, shoes, accessories, nutritional supplements, beach toys and rugby gear) to mass market retailers, specialty sport stores, gyms and sport clubs.

Active Brands Asia offers a wide range of products representing 18 of the industry's leading brands. With an extensive distribution network in Hong Kong and PRC China, Active Brands Asia is setting the industry standard in quality, product range, customer service and satisfaction.

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Checkpoint Outdoors 新鋪開張!
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Checkpoint Outdoors感謝 Active Brands Asia Ltd 的祝賀🎊🎊🎊

5 hours ago

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thinkbaby thinksport @ Goji Studios
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Non Toxic Summer - PARA'KITO Sport Band
【PARA'KITO Sport Band】

The PARA'KITO Sport Band Edition enables you to be visible during your favorite activities while being protected against mosquitos. Our mosquito repellent Sport Band comes with 2 replacement pellets. It's even waterproof !

Shop list: bit.ly/2JbjBMg
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Where you find our products!
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Where you find our products!

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Active Brands Asia LtdAwesome!

5 years ago


5 years ago


4 years ago

Active Brands Asia LtdFatman Chan BROOKS will launch in SportsHouse 8 stores this week

4 years ago

Please inform the address of Brooks running in North Point, thx

2 years ago   ·  1

Location pls

2 years ago   ·  1

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Active Brands Asia Ltd shared Lena Mama,運動女人40+'s post.

歡迎我地既新 brand ambassador,人氣急升既 Lena Mama 加入 #activebrandsasia 既大家庭,好高興 Lena 喜歡呢對 Brooks Mazama 2

Brooks Running Lena Mama,運動女人40+ #BrooksMazama2 #斯巴達媽媽
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當一對跑山鞋👟,快到心跳都跟唔切係咩玩法?😂 最近有幸獲得Brooks 的寵幸 Active Brands Asia Ltd Sponsor 靚鞋比我😍,在眾多款中,Product Manager👱‍♂️ 極力推薦我用呢對快鞋,今天一試之下不得了😲。 今次試鞋之課,山路平地為主,之前兩年一直著重鞋跑山😥,換了對輕身和著重快🏃‍♀️🌪的鞋款,係快到個心跳好爆💥跟唔切步速,呢種感覺之前未試過的🙅‍♀️,相信係鞋款的設計,令到對腳好去,好神奇呀🙀(最尾會解釋原因), 絕對唔係為賣廣告而跨大用途☺️。 幾年前睇過Brooks 的款,覺得唔夠時尚😅,之後都無再點睇過。當現在自己知道Brooks 的發展歷史和產品研發後,完全覺得自己係唔識貨😑,而且我呢對鞋款,係流線型的跑山鞋款,顏色又係自己的色系。又靚又實際,大愛❤️。 唔好意思講得咁長🙇‍♀️,比個貼士大家😃,男裝都一樣有呢對快鞋,而最緊要的係💁‍♀️,7月會有再新一系上架,去睇下無壞姐😏😏,有好多款都好型😈 產品解畫👩‍🏫: 快鞋設計的中底比較薄,容易感覺地面,從以操控性較強,方便短途賽時用前掌快速推進。但cushion較少,腳掌較快有疲倦感覺。 ⭐️短途是指,30公里山路以下 #ActiveBrandsAsia #BrooksRunningHK

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Body Glide -
Anti Chafing & Blister Prevention (US)
Brooks -
Running Shoes, Running Apparel, Sports Bras (US)
Cancer Council Australia -
Australien Sunscreen (AU)
Compressport -
Compression Wear (CH)
Excellerator -
Skipping Ropes (FR)
Gilbert -
Rugby Products (UK)
Gray Nicolls -
Cricket Products (UK)
Hammer Nutrition -
Nutrition (US)
Hilly -
Performance Socks (UK)
Para'Kito -
Insect Repellent (FR)
Ronhill -
Performance Clothing (UK)
SPIbelt -
Multi-Purpose Belt (US)
Thinkbaby -
Safe materials for baby products (US)
Thinksport -
Safe materials for sports products (US)
UltrAspire -
Hydration Accessories for Athletes (US)
Wahu -
Beach & Water Sports Toys (AU)
Xtenex -
Elastic Laces (US)