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Based in Hong Kong, Active Brands Asia Ltd. is recognized as the industry leader in the distribution of sports gear (including apparel, shoes, accessories, nutritional supplements, beach toys and rugby gear) to mass market retailers, specialty sport stores, gyms and sport clubs.

Active Brands Asia offers a wide range of products representing 18 of the industry's leading brands. With an extensive distribution network in Hong Kong and PRC China, Active Brands Asia is setting the industry standard in quality, product range, customer service and satisfaction.

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恭喜我地品牌大使「韋氏姊妹」大家姐 #韋祺 獲得第三屆亞洲少年田徑錦標賽1500米跑金牌!「二家姐」#韋褆 亦係3000米跑賽刷新個人最佳時間!!
ABA Team 再次恭喜兩位獲得佳績!

#Brooksrunning #RunHappy #亞洲少年田徑錦標賽 #韋祺 #韋褆
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【香港亞少田徑賽】 韋祺1500米破PB奪金 第三屆亞洲少年田徑錦標賽在上周五(15/3)起一連三日在將軍澳運動場舉行。「韋氏三姊妹」早前於本地學界D1田徑賽表現一鳴驚人,同就讀中四的「大家姐」韋祺與「二家姐」韋褆亦有參戰亞少賽。 昨日(17/3)賽事「煞科日」,韋祺早上參加1500米跑比賽,全程與前列選手爭持激烈,她在最後一百米發揮凌厲後勁,結果突圍成功為東道主香港隊奪得今屆唯一一面金牌,同時以4分34秒04刷新其個人最佳時間。賽後韋祺坦言自己原本只期望做出PB和躋身前五,對成績感到喜出望外。 而應屆渣馬女子10公里青年組冠軍韋褆,周六(16/3)則參加了3000米跑賽事,首次代表香港參加田徑運動會的她雖然無緣站上頒獎台,但仍跑出新個人最佳時間10分20秒59,比先前的個人紀錄快接近24秒。兩姊妹下月初將前往菲律賓參加青年組三鐵比賽,力爭今夏三鐵亞青賽的參賽資格。 #亞洲少年田徑錦標賽 #韋祺 #韋褆

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💨朝早出門跑步定番工見有點凍,防風的 #Brooks #LSDjacket 係您的選擇。
☔️見今日好似想落雨, #Brooks #CanopyJacket 幫您不怕雨點。
☀️如果今日有太陽! 仲等,換上您嘅運動裝備,出門運動吧

#BrooksRunningHK #RunHappy
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Shop Now!
All speed! No stops!

#BostonMarathon #BostonTLaunch6 #波士頓龍蝦 #波士頓海港 #波士頓地下鐵
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very nice !

1 week ago

靚靚 波士頓 但有日系味 :)

1 week ago

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【How To Make Healthy Protein Pancakes】
Make your pancakes more nutritious? Turn them into protein pancakes! Add Hammer whey protein isolate in your pancakes to supports brain function and leads to increased alertness throughout the morning!

Easy Instructions:
1. Add all ingredients to a blender and blend until smooth.
2. Cook the pancakes for about 2 minutes on each side until they are fully cooked.
3. Enjoy

#Hammernutritionhk #howihammer #HighProteinPancakes #ProteinPancakes #PancakeLover
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The Fast 100 Ultra had been successfully concluded!
We are so happy that athletes like our #HammerFizz #Heed and #Recoverite!
Let's see some great shots of Hammer checkpoints.

#Hammernutritionhk #howihammer
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【Where great things happen】
#Translantau X HammerNutrition
We are here to support you all the way. We have prepared recoverite drink & cookies to help you recover faster!
Visit our gift booth too!

#HammerNutritionHK #howihammer #HammerSupplement
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We’ve said it since 1987. Be aware of sugar!

Now, historical documents show the sugar industry paid scientists in the 1960’s to minimize the correlation between sugar and heart disease. Instead, they shifted the blame to another culprit.

Click the link to learn more! 🍬https://bit.ly/2Eq2DGP

Sources by HammmrNutrition Instagram

#Hammernutritionhk #howihammer
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